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      17 string outdoor rechargeable automatic folding charcoal barbecue grill

      Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2017 / 09 / 10

      Brandsource of food                           

      Name17 string automatic

      Elevating burn oven


      Materialstainless steel

      Heating sourcebarbecue charcoal


      Range of applicationbarbecue retaurant/ dining room/family etc.

      Application number of people: 3-6


      Product detail

      1.automatic rorate  saving manual work 

      Turner adopt with high quality stainless stell material. 360° autorotation, no need person to operation, heating uniform. Convenient and swift.

      2.elevating style charcoal basin

      Charcoal basin adopt the elevating style new design, can according different of material need temperature, adjust high-low of the charcoal basin to control heating temperature/ uniform heat, more convenience/more practical/more homanization.

      3.Intelligent one-click operation

      1) The direction switch, can according your need to free adjustment  height of the charcoal basin.

      2)Power key, turned on the power can be automatically, without having to manually, save time and effort.

      4.food grade stainless steel:
      USES the food grade stainless steel material, high temperature, strong bearing capacity, good thermal insulation, Effective barrier coals to table the conduction of heat. 

      5.Clean health and auto exhaust
      Push-pull type automatic burning charcoal grill with functions of automatic exhaust, baking process of lampblack, away from below by automatic exhaust system, solve the traditional manual barbecue smoke, environmental pollution and other issues. 

      17 push-pull type string of charcoal barbecue pits can be set in the stainless steel table, marble table, wooden table in the desktop.Desktop with induction cooker, collocation small hot pot, barbecue to as one of the leading design.

      Material: Color restoring ancient ways /stainless steel/titanium black/wood/gold/rose gold/marble

      Customers shop decoration One-stop service is offered by the food source

      The source of food manufacturers film

      If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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