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      Big size skewers barbecue charcoal automatic BBQ grill

      Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2017 / 09 / 14


      Original auto-reverse function, change the backward and inefficient of manual barbecue manual flip, automatic grilled function, ensure that all ingredients evenly heat, won't appear the phenomenon of scorch, burnt, even heat, balanced nutrition, desirable and delicious.


      Brand: the source of food

      Model:28 skewers automatic turning BBQ grill

      Size: L:99cm W:22cm H:39cm

      Type: 13 skewers/17 skewers /28 skewers /40 skewers /design for you

      Transmission Model: 360°Chain drive

      Application scope: Restaurant/back kitchen/grill, etc.

      the number of users: more than 5/many people

      Stainless steel turner

      The inverter adopts the food grade stainless steel material, the unique internal button design, can effectively prevent the barbecue brazing off the chain

      Note: after removing the flip, you can also use it as a normal charcoal-burning oven

      High quality charcoal basin

      The carbon basin uses high quality iron material, high temperature resistance, not easy to deform, the service life is longer


      Thickening of furnace

      The furnace is made of high carbon steel to effectively prevent the heat transfer from the oven to the sides, and the heat insulation is better.


      What is the source of food?

      The source of food is a service provider of professional one-stop service whole solution theme dining-room , to provide one-stop solution for entrepreneurs in 2005: To provide one-stop service of the business guidance, storefront location, decorate a style to custom design, desk and chair design , store decoration, equipment installation and technical training etc.

      Preliminary communication designThe technician inspects the customer shopplanning schemeFactory deliveryConstruction installationStore opened

      The source of food customer shop decoration case

      The source of food Manufacturers’ live shot

      If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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