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      Smokeless automatically flips the roast lamb's leg BBQ grill

      Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2017 / 09 / 15


      Product parameters

      Brand: source of food

      Trade name: Smokeless automatic lamb leg BBQ grill

      Size: L:51.5cm H:48cm H:54.5cm

      Material: stainless steel

      Fuel: charcoal

      Scope of application: restaurant/grill house etc.


       High quality stainless steel protect

      The food grade stainless steel shell, strong and durable, antiseptic and can bear high temperature, when we roasting the delicious, we dont need worried about the temperature is too high and we dont need worry it will reduce the life of the furnace.

      Power switch

      Power supply key: simple and easy to operate the key open after the outer circle has light warning


      Reverse gear

      Smokeless charcoal roast sheep leg furnace with flipped gear, bake food to turn over, save time and effort.

      Thickening charcoal basin

      The carbon basin is made of iron and thick material, high temperature resistant, not easy to deform, use longer.

      Ventilation ducts

      The ventilation ducts are designed in mesh format, with a lid on top, which can be used to recoil the hamper which sucked into the exhaust pipe.


      Adjustable support

      Each bracket is equipped with three adjustable height, which can be adjusted freely according to the requirement.


      High quality universal wheel

      The furnace is equipped with universal wheel design, which is stable, flexible, easy to move and move, which greatly improves your efficiency.

       With more and more match

      The source of food automatic roast oven with lamb leg bracket. Use upgrade automatically turning roast leg of lamb furnace make the leg baking 8 mature, then put it on the table, use the new automatic burn oven  heating leg of lamb roast and eat skewers at the same time, fully enjoy the pleasure of DIY.



      The source of food manufacturers live action


      The source of food customers

      The customer of “The source of food” set up shop


      If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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