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      14 string electricity automatic barbecue machine 2

      Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2017 / 09 / 09


      Brandsource of food

      Product: 14 string automatic rotate electric barbecue machine


      Power consumption  500w-2500w

      Material of machine body304 pure stainless stell

      Raise hot material: stainless stell heating tube  


      Product dementionlength:70  width36  height39  

      Control switch by rorating button.

      Attentionthe holder of grill at bottom just ues for show!


      Goods detail:

      1: heating tube


       thermal response fast, high accuracy temperature control, high  thermal efficiency.


      2 control swith:


      Accuracy control temperation,50-300adjust at will.

      3 connect oil sink

      Put pure water inside when we use the machine, the oil from barbecue process will be drop into the oil sink,diluted by water.

      4 material:

      Outside material made by food grade pure 304 stainless stell, the servise life is long and not be deformation.

      This products is high power electric products, its improtant to note that for use safety, should be in strict accordance with the operation. The power cord without power plug before delivery,  should be directly connected to the power distribution box of leakage protection switch.if you want to use plug we recommended to use 16A air conditioning outlet, its forbidden to children near!


      matters need attention

      1、power supply must ues special purpose power. Please make sure safety grounding;

      2. Please unplug power supply when you no use.

      3. The part of the electricity, Please dont contact the water.

      4. Frist time user please see instruction.

      5. Beacuse the temperature will be high when working, so please stay away from children/old man. Aviod cause scald.

      6. After operation,please dont put cloth and plastic products above on the products, aviod cause fire.

      7. After operation, temperation of machine will be hight so dont derict touch machine by your hands, if you need move, please use special purpose gloves.

      8. Please put this machine on safe place when you use.

      9. Please dont used for other purposes.




      Tumbler stacking area



      Packing area

      If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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