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      30 stainless steel Vertical automatic electric oven

      Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2017 / 09 / 16


      Product synopsis: vertical heat BBQ oven adopt stainless steel heating tube, instantly achieve the desired heat, 30 skewers once, 3 minutes to present a delicious, quick and keep delicious, break the traditional way of barbecue, internal choiceness design, completely smoke-free environment.


      Product parameters

      Brand: the source of food

      Rated voltage: 220V

      Rated power: 4500W

      Size: 60*37*90cm

      Weight: 75kg

      Time:3 minute

      Once roast: 30 skewers

      The type of skewers: steel sign, bamboo

      material: stainless steel


      show details

      1. Power control switch, turn on temperature switch to adjust product power (0%-100%).Can adjust at will, barbecue heat preservation is more quick and convenient.

      2. Speed adjusting switch, which can be free to adjust the rotation speed to make it easier to grasp the meat quality, easy control.

      3. Leakage circuit device, with anti-leakage and anti-overpressure safety function, ensure safe use.


      Drip pan

      The bottom of the stove is designed with drip pan, and the oil in the baking process is reduced to the water in the sink, so as to reduce the production of lampblack.

      Warm tip: no dry cooking, must be injected with water before opening the oven, pull out the sink from the bottom, inject water and put the sink back in place.


      Double use of steel skewers and bamboo skewers

      Bamboo and steel double use, satisfy the merchants’ need, convenient for the customer take away the skewers.


      Five major advantages

      Advantage 1: the food is automatically rotated, no part roasting and undercooked phenomenon occurs, and the food has a uniform color.

      Advantage 2: the operation is simple, only need to make pre-made good string roast food inserted into the fixed hole of the barbecue machine.

      Advantage 3: the equipment uses 10mm food grade 304 fine steel manufacturing, super long life.

      Advantage 4: intelligent control temperature, glass cover plate insulation design, not produce oil smoke, energy saving and protect the environment, no noise and practical.

      Advantage 5: the equipment is beautiful and environmentally friendly. It is a good helper for restaurants and barbecue restaurants. It can also go into high-end places like shopping malls, supermarkets, bars, clubs and hotels.


      The source of food manufacturers picture

      The customer of the source of food


      Photo of the source of food


      If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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